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Optimize your Candidate Hiring and Screening Practices to Land Talent

April 7th, 2013

The secret to a thriving business in any industry is hiring and retaining the most productive and skilled employees. A large part of this is having an effective strategy for hiring and screening all candidates before considering them for employment. It can be a real challenge to know upfront what each candidate is actually worth to the development of the business and if they are the right fit for the corporate culture. Why? Because there is stiff competition out there for every open assignment, therefore candidates may hide their true personalities or embellish their skillsets during the initial stages of the recruitment process.

Put an optimized candidate screening and assessment practice in place. This can help any organization to identify the best candidates who can support business growth and innovation.  Let’s explore the elements of an effective screening and recruitment process.

• Company Brand – Candidates who are top level are most often looking for opportunities with companies that represent the best of the best in each industry, to further their career aspirations. This is why corporate branding is critical to your success in recruitment practices. A solid brand message that is consistent will attract great candidates. Establish this brand in all marketing and recruitment outreach activities, and make sure your brand message sets the expectation of what types of candidates your company is seeking.

• Candidate Experience – Establish an application and screening process that gives candidates an idea of what they will encounter if they become your employee. From the moment they see your corporate career website to the effort it takes to complete the application and interview process, you want this experience to accurately reflect the high standards your company has. Make sure the candidate experience is a positive and professional one.

• Assessment Process – As part of your full recruitment program, be sure to include at least one form of candidate assessment, which tests for personality and skill level in each candidate – in an unbiased way. Keep it positive and non-threatening by including it seamlessly as part of the application process. There are many good online candidate assessment programs that sync well with online application platforms. Review the results from each candidate carefully to determine the folks you will move forward with.

• Background Screens – It is very important to the safety and well-being of your company and current employees to conduct thorough background checks on all candidates before making any type of job offer. Take the time to set up a streamlined system for verifying previous employment, criminal background checks, and credit checks (if applicable to the assignment).

• Interview Strategy – How and when you conduct interviews is also critical to the successful placement of the best candidates. Conduct a telephone screen first, then arrange for a group interview, and finally schedule a peer-reviewed interview with at least one other member of the management team. This can help you to recruit more effectively, and results in a better fit for the assignment.

A solution to managing the demands of recruiting and hiring includes working with a quality-staffing agency, like Staffing Resources, to give your business access to pre-screened candidates who have been assessed for their ability to perform well. This can support your recruitment strategy and reduce the time and costs of hiring dramatically.

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